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We specialize in blending politics with board games, creating revolutionary experiences like our flagship product, Hegemony. This political board game, developed in collaboration with esteemed academics, lets 2-4 players navigate a nation, embracing ideologies without prescribing any. Engage in political strategies, economic maneuvers, and discover the power of playful learning. Join us on our mission to infuse fun with educational content and inspire a deeper understanding of socio-economic dynamics.

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Breaking News: Your contribution has Led Hegemony to Victory! In a resounding declaration of triumph,...

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Find out how the theories and concepts of Political Science, Political Economy and Economics were translated into an amazing game!

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At Hegemonic Project Games, we not only develop our own innovative board games but also collaborate with passionate game designers to bring their visions to life.

As a publisher, we take pride in nurturing creative talent and supporting unique game concepts. Our goal is to provide a platform for aspiring designers, helping them navigate the complexities of game development and reach a wider audience.

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