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    Submit your Game

    Here at Hegemonic Project Games, we work hard to bring you the most engaging, fun and educational board games! If you have an idea for a game, and you believe we could be a good fit for it, we would love to check it out.

    Send us an email (using the button below) making sure to include the following in it


    One-page sell sheet: This should include a brief description of what the game is about, information like number of players, ages and duration, and bullet points with the key characteristics that make the game special.

    It should also include at least one photo of the game in progress (in prototype form) to give us a sense of components and table presence


    Video Preview: A link to a small video (5 to 15 minutes) of you showing the game and describing briefly how it plays. If it can include a playthrough of a whole round, even better.


    A paragraph explaining why you believe the game would be a good fit for Hegemonic Project Games.

    A few examples:
    Does the game have an educational value and can positively impact the society? Does it do something in relations to a scientific field that no other game does?


    Rulebook (optional): If you have the rules of the game written down in detail, please include them. Make sure they contain a list of the games components (total number of cards, wooden components, boards, tokens etc).

    Is your game a good fit for Hegemonic Project Games?

    Below is a list of things that we are looking for in a game.

    Your game does not have to include everything. That said, hitting some of these points will increase your chances of working with us:


    Does your game have an educational value or a social impact? Can it be used to help people learn more about a serious topic in today s society?

    At Hegemonic Project Games we are focused in publishing educational games in the fields of Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, Economics, Business, Law etc.


    Does it solve a problem or offer something entirely new? 

    Is it unlike anything else in the market today?


    Is your game thematic? Do you feel immersed in your role when playing it?

    As we are keen in publishing games with an educational value and social impact, we consider it important the players feel like they are in a role?


    Last, but definitely not least, is your game fun?

    Do you have players talking about it for hours after playing it?

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      Optional: Upload an image of your game in action or a high-quality photo of the game setup. Supported formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG. Maximum file size is 10MB.

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      • Our team looks at all submissions carefully and determines 
if a game is the right fit for Hegemonic Project Games.
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