We are Hegemonic Project Games

Welcome to Hegemonic Project Games, where we blend creativity, education, and innovation to develop unique experiences beyond traditional gaming. Our passion lies in creating board games that go beyond entertainment, aiming to engage players in thought-provoking narratives and explore the intricacies of real-world dynamics, through the lenses of politics, economy and other academic disciplines.

Each of our projects is developed in collaboration with esteemed academics from Universities from all around the world.

The journey began with the creation of our successful title, Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory, which immersed players in the political and economic landscape of a fictional nation. This achievement fuelled our dedication to designing games with educational value, encouraging players to delve deeper into the realms of politics, economics, and society.

Our Approach

We believe that games can serve as powerful tools for learning. Our team, composed of enthusiasts from various disciplines works collaboratively to merge diverse perspectives. The combination of those, along with
the element of fun, helps us craft experiences that engage players both intellectually and emotionally, while entertaining them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire both gamers and non-gamers alike to explore the fascinating politico-economic dynamics of their societies in a playful and yet engaging manner. We strive to challenge traditional gaming norms, aiming to ignite a passion for learning and understanding in every player.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet ambitious: To develop revolutionary board games with educational value, that inspire curiosity, foster critical thinking, and encourage meaningful dialogue about complex socio-political issues. The above leave a lasting impact on players understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

Our story to Success


The Beginning

Varnavas Timotheou, Founder of Hegemonic Project Games, during his Postgraduate thesis at King’s College London, explores the concept of developing an educational board game, based on the academic principles of Political Sciences, Political Economy and Economics.


Kickstarter Campaign

The team launches the Kickstarter campaign of the first board game, Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory, reaching the target point of €15,000 in the first 10 minutes.

The campaign receives more than €600,000 of funding in just 23 days!


From Production to Spotlight

As the game is prepared and enters production, the team participates in various events, University classes and academic institutions all around the world.

The team participates for the first time in an international Expo, Spiel Essen 2022, allowing gamers to demo Hegemony: Lead your Class to Victory!

Hegemony reaches GameBoardGeek’s Top Hotness list, as backers’ anticipation grows larger every day!



Kickstarter backers receiving their copies in the first half of the year!

Launching into the market, Hegemony makes its mark across Europe, Asia, and America, capturing the attention of gamers worldwide at UK Games Expo & Spiel Essen Gen Con 2023.


Expanding Horizons

Among the top 100 games on BoardGameGeek.

The board game gets released in 13 languages, expanding its global reach.

The team is currently engaged in developing the upcoming board game titled “World Order”.

Our Team

Varnavas Timotheou

Founder & Director

Katernina Xerovasila

Creative Director

Vangelis Bagiartakis

Head of Design & Development

Anna Tzirani

Head of Customer Support

Alexandros Tziranis

Head of Operations

Dimitra Issari

Head of Marketing & Community

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