Cyprus Rising: The Emergence of a New Superpower in World Order

Dear World Leaders,

In a bold move that promises to redefine strategic gameplay, the World Order development team is thrilled to announce a significant change to our upcoming board game: Cyprus will replace EU as one of the four players. In an unstable geopolitical environment where the EU faces challenges, Cyprus is an emerging power in the region. We are excited to share an early draft of the board game map with you to showcase this exciting development. 

This decision came after careful consideration and analysis of various factors and what better day to announce this than April 1st, Cyprus’s National Day, honoring that first uprising and the eventual achievement of the country’s independence! Cyprus’s unique geopolitical position and historical significance made it a compelling addition to the game. We took into account your feedback regarding the countries featured in World Order and consulted with academic experts to ensure a more accurate representation. 

Reasons for the Change:

  1. Economic Development: Cyprus has shown remarkable economic growth compared to the EU average. With a GDP growth rate of 2.7%, Cyprus surpasses the EU’s 0.7% average, making it a dynamic player in the global economy.
  2. Strategic Importance: Cyprus boasts a higher percentage of military expenditure compared to the EU average, highlighting its strategic significance in regional and global affairs.
  3. Geopolitical Significance: Cyprus’s inclusion adds a new layer of geopolitical dynamics to the game, enhancing strategic challenges for players.
  4. Manageability: As a smaller country, Cyprus offers a more manageable gameplay experience, making it easier to navigate and further develop strategies. 
  5. Challenges the United States: Cyprus has a significant advantage over the United States due to its aerodynamic shape, leading to less friction with the other players.


This change reflects our commitment to delivering an engaging and immersive gaming experience that mirrors real-world dynamics. We believe that Cyprus’s inclusion will add an exciting new dimension to World Order, offering players a fresh perspective and strategic challenges.

While this decision may come as a surprise, rest assured that it was made with careful consideration to enhance gameplay for all. We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting development as we approach the game’s release.

Please note that this decision is not influenced by our main office’s location; it is an impartial decision driven solely by our commitment to academic validity.

Stay tuned for more World Order updates!



Hegemonic Project Games Team

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