For country and currency!

For our new blog article, we wanted to do something special: We are launching not one, but two contests! Both tasks are quite simple, and the winners will get their hands on a free copy of our game once it is out! What is required of you? It is simple…

We need your ideas for the name of our country and our currency!

As you maybe know by now, Hegemony is an asymmetric political board game for 2-4 players that puts you in the role of the government or one of the three socioeconomic classes in a fictional state. In this position, you have to plan your strategy decisively, carry out your actions swiftly, and carefully maneuver yourself through the political terrain to increase the power of your class and carry out your agenda. Thereby, while you must focus on your economic goals, you also need to exert political influence onto the parliament in order to shift the state´s policies into your favor. In doing so, the players will learn more about the politico-economic dynamics of their societies! Now, the game is almost finished, but two vital puzzle pieces are still missing:

The name of the country as well as its currency

And that is a big issue! After all, how is the population of our fictional state supposed to feel at home in a place which is just called “country”? How can they tell someone how much they owe them if they cannot name the currency?

That´s why we need your help! Come up with a cool name for our country or currency and send it to us through info@hegemonicproject.com and www.hegemonygame.com or send a message to the inbox of our social media channels:

Facebook: @hegemonicproject

Instagram: hegemonic_project_games

The winners will engrave their terms in the annals of history (or at least in our board game) and will get a free copy of our game once it is out. And if more than one person comes up with the same idea for one of the contests, we will make a lucky draw! So, what are you waiting for- get creative! We are excited to hear your ideas!

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