Simulate a whole contemporary nation in this asymmetric, politico-economic board game

The economy is failing, and a heavy political resignation is paralyzing the country. In these troubling times, the only one who can provide guidance is… you!

Will you take control of the middle – or working class and fight for social reforms?
Or do you stand with the corporations and the free market? Or will you help the government to keep it all together?

Whatever you decide, know that your decisions will decide the fate of the nation!

Hegemony is an asymmetric political board game for 2-4 players that lets you simulate a whole nation! Engage in political intrigues, forge great economic strategies and astonish your foes by cunning maneuvers to increase the power of your class and carry out your agenda. Create an ideological consensus, become the hegemon and lead your people to wealth and prosperity!

The game was made in cooperation with renown academics and uses theoretical concepts such as Socialism, Neoliberalism, Nationalism, Globalism without prescribing any ideology. Build companies, initiate strikes, engage in foreign trade, propose policies, create unions, expand your political influence, and much more and simultaneously you will learn more about the world around you!

Will you be able to achieve hegemony?

Hegemony Board Game Lead your Class to Victory

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A preview of Hegemony through the lenses of reviewers 

and board game experts!

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A preview of Hegemony through the lenses of reviewers 

and board game experts!


Meet the creative minds behind the game! Our dedicated team blends gaming expertise and academic knowledge to deliver an immersive, thought-provoking gaming experience.

Varnavas Timotheou

Founder & Director

Vangelis Bagiartakis

Head of Design & Development

Jakub Skop


Alexander Gertz

Academic Content Manager

Dr Russell Foster

Academic Associate- Political Science

Dr Pawel Adrjan

Academic Associate - Economics

Anastasios Grigoriadis

Game Developer

Katerina & Dimitris

Graphic Designers

Andreas Dounis

Academic Associate

George Georgeadis


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