World Order
A race for Global Hegemony
Coming Late 2024
Simulate the modern global system in this politico-economic, area-control game

The year is 2010, and the world is drastically changing…

While the once-unrivalled influence of the United States is beginning to wane, other major powers are eagerly stepping onto the stage, ready to claim their piece of the geopolitical pie.

In the East, Beijing is rising to become a global powerhouse. Simultaneously, Moscow is entangled in an intricate chess game with Washington, ready to counter its every move. And amidst these tumultuous waters, the European Union is trying to carve out its identity and role on the international stage.

But who will take the lead in this rapidly changing world order?

Get ready for “World Order”, the exciting new board game for 2-4 players 
that simulates modern international relations, letting you take control over one 
of the four dominant global powers of the 2010s.

Utilize your diplomatic power, economic strength, and military might to expand your influence across the globe. Form regional alliances, entice other nations through clever economic dependencies, or become the military juggernaut no one dares to mess with. “World Order” blends academic theories with thrilling gameplay, by creating a never-before-seen experience of International Relations.






90-120 Minutes
Hegemony Board Game Lead your Class to Victory