The "Notify Me" option for World Order on Kickstarter is now live!
Get ready for World Order: The “Notify Me” is now live on Kickstarter!

The time has come and the “Notify Me” option for World Order on Kickstarter is now live!

World Order is a board game set in the shifting landscape of global politics in 2010. Players assume the roles of major world powers, USA, EU, China and Russia, strategically utilizing diplomacy, economics, and military means to expand their influence across the globe. With its blend of strategic depth, deck-building & area-control and thrilling gameplay, World Order offers a unique simulation of modern international relations.

Are you ready to seize control of the geopolitical landscape? Be the first to know when World Order launches on Kickstarter. Prepare to strategize, negotiate, and conquer your way to global dominance!

Don’t miss your chance – click HERE now!

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