World Order
Introducing World Order: A Race for Global Hegemony

Dear Hegemons,

We have some incredibly thrilling news to unveil. Over the past few months, significant developments have unfolded behind the scenes, and we are eager to share them with you. But before we delve into the details, let’s embark on a brief journey through time… 

The Year is 2010…

… and the world undergoes a profound transformation right before our eyes.

While the once-unrivaled influence of the United States is beginning to wane, other major powers are eagerly stepping onto the stage, set to claim their piece of the geopolitical pie. In the East, Beijing emerges as a global powerhouse. Simultaneously, Moscow engages in an intricate chess play with Washington, ready to counter each other’s moves. Amidst these tumultuous waters, the European Union is trying to carve out its identity.

It is a time of cataclysmic changes in the world system, where the balance of power is being redistributed on a global scale. One question looms large: Who will take the lead in this rapidly changing world order?

Introducing “World Order” 

If you suspected it, you’re absolutely right! What you’ve just read is a glimpse into our latest game. You’ve battled for Hegemony within your nation, and now it’s time to elevate your nation to become a global hegemon. 

Take a seat at the table, shape history and revolutionize the way you think about geopolitics in this competitive, 2-4 player International Relations simulation-like board game!

In “World Order,” you take control of one of four dominant global powers of the 2010s: the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, and the European Union. 

Utilize your diplomatic finesse, economic strength, and military might to expand your influence across the globe, all while managing your domestic industry and capabilities. Form regional alliances, entice other nations through clever economic dependencies, or become the military juggernaut no one dares to mess with.  

Different Games – Same Vision

While “Hegemony” and “World Order” are entirely different games, they share a common thread: they were born out of the belief that people need a deeper understanding of the world, and the best way to achieve that is through games! We set out once again to craft a gaming experience that seamlessly blends academic theories with thrilling gameplay.

The result? An immersion into the world of international relations through an area control game. In “World Order”, academic principles of international relations and insights from esteemed scholars meet real-world politics, hot-topic issues, and diplomatic practices. 

Our take on International Relations

 In “World Order” the nations the players control are not treated as “empty vessels”. Instead, the game takes into consideration their domestic capabilities as well. 

In other words, when you play “World Order”, your global influence largely depends on your own capabilities – resource production, economy, military size and diplomatic capital – all things over which you have full control. 

Take the helm of the U.S., China, Russia or the EU, to change the course of history. Enlarge your industry and production capabilities, make the necessary hard decisions, sacrifices, and various different gameplay combinations, in order to achieve global hegemony. 

Join the Fight

This entry is just a sneak peek, and we are eager to hear your thoughts on our newest creation. 

World Order” is more than just a game; it’s an opportunity to dive deep and simulate the intricacies of global politics. Are you prepared to lead your nation to victory in this ever-shifting world order? Sign up now and be among the first to experience the excitement of international diplomacy, economic strategy, and military might like never before.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey. Together, let us take the next step in re-defining the world order, and seize global hegemony!

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