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Keeping up with Hegemony – Healthcare

“This global health crisis is a nightmare. We’re running as many tests and vaccines as we can to keep people safe but it’s difficult to offer the same safety to everyone.” – Marie said with clear concern in her tone.

“But we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got. It’s all we can do at the moment.” she reluctantly concluded.

“With a free market, the competition will ultimately lead us to the best and most reliable solution,” Margaret replied as she adjusted her mask. “It’s less risk for our state, and having companies compete to create safe and effective vaccines and tests creates jobs and may result in the advancement of the state of our health care.”

“What jobs?” Karl retorted returning from the bathroom. He ran his hands through his thick hair to calm himself to thank Marie before continuing voicing his concern, “for workers such as me, this crisis has hit us quite hard. We cannot wait on companies to experiment and release your so-called solutions without certainty of their safety and efficiency. It would be much better to rely on the state. It will allocate a sufficient amount of time and money to create a solution for the benefit of the people, not for profit, meaning that healthcare will be cheaper and more accessible!”

Marie, Margaret, and Karl continued their discussion as they scanned the QR code signing out of the café before returning to work.

Healthcare is one of those political topics where many people have differing opinions. How great would it be to transfer these discussions into a board game and simulate the approaches you and your friends advocate for in a fictional country?

That’s where Hegemony comes in: It provides a fun way to play out these and many more scenarios with up to three of your friends. Experience politics and the economy up close and benefit from Hegemony´s almost infinite replayability as no round will be the same!

Learn more at:  www.hegemonygame.com

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