Hegemony Board Game Lead your Class to Victory
Keeping up with Hegemony – Welfare State

In recent events, the government passed a bill that cuts unemployment benefits. This greatly affected Karl whose two children went to school while he was earning a low salary.

“How bad do you want to succeed?” asked Elon. 

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here, you have to look out for yourself, Karl”.

“Not everything is about you, you know?” Karl said as he waved at the waitress for another beer. “This world wasn’t made for one person only. We all share it, so we must respect each other’s needs.”

“It’s not as easy as you make it sound, Karl. In an ideal world, we all have what we want. But each government must ensure the prosperity and security of its citizens. Economies can be tricky!” Greta exclaimed, giving Karl a pat on the shoulder.

The three friends continued their discourse about their ideologies at their neighbourhood bar, watching the strike from the bar’s television.

Everybody knows these discussions we have with our friends about political and economic issues. How great would it be to transfer these discussions to a game where each of you would have the chance to simulate them in a fictional country? 

That’s where Hegemony comes in- a fun way to play out these scenarios with up to three of your friends. Experience politics and the economy up close and benefit from Hegemony´s almost infinite replayability as no round will be the same! Learn more at: https://hegemonicproject.com/

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