May Day 2024
May Day Celebration: Honoring the Working Class

Dear Hegemons,

As the month of May dawns upon us, it brings with it a significant celebration for workers around the world – May Day, also known as International Workers’ Day. This day holds a special place in history and in our societies, and in Hegemony, it’s a time to celebrate our beloved working class.

Historically, May Day traces its roots back to the late 19th century when workers in the United States and other countries fought for better working conditions, an eight-hour workday, and fair wages. The Haymarket affair in Chicago in 1886 marked a pivotal moment in the labor movement, with workers demanding fundamental rights and standing in solidarity for their collective well-being.

In Hegemony, the working class embodies the spirit of these historic struggles. As a player representing the working class, you step into the shoes of workers striving for prosperity, fair treatment, and a voice in shaping their destinies. Just like in real life, the working class in Hegemony encompasses a diverse range of occupations. Your goal is not just about earning wages but also about securing affordable education, healthcare, and a decent standard of living for all workers.

In the game, you have unique actions and strategies at your disposal, such as initiating strikes to negotiate better wages, mobilizing unions and movements for collective bargaining, or advocating for policies that strengthen the welfare state and protect workers’ rights.

One key aspect of the working class’s role in Hegemony is its influence in shaping the ideological direction of the state. Advocating for policies that support a strong welfare state, and robust labor regulations can tilt the balance toward a more socialist approach, aligning with the core values of the working class.

As we celebrate May Day, it’s important to recognize the contributions of workers throughout history and their ongoing pursuit of fairness and justice. In Hegemony, the working class reflects themes of resilience and unity, highlighting universal aspirations for progress.

Raise your meeples, and celebrate the working class with Hegemony this May Day, as we pay tribute to this hard working class and its efforts to pass its agenda and raise its prosperity. 🙂

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