Historical Events Mini Expansion

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Dive deep into the history of the world in Hegemony! Be at the forefront of the French, American, or Russian Revolution, experience the politico-economic effects of World War I and II, navigate your nation through the Global Financial Crisis, and relive many other significant events of modern history with Historical Events Mode!

  • Adds political events, including wars and revolutions, that simulate real-life situations of governance and class response.
  • Adds economic events, including financial crises and economic reforms, that will challenge the players’ understanding of political economics in even more depth.
  • High Educational value as it can be used to show the effects of significant events throughout modern history and help understand their real life consequences.

The Historical Events deck consists of 50 unique, new cards that will add historical flavor to your games!

NOTE: Historical Events is an Expansion of Hegemony: Lead Your Class to Victory and it is not a standalone product.


  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 2-4 / 1-4 (with Crisis & Control Expansion)
  • Play Time: 90 – 180
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  • Item Dimensions: 10x8x2cm
  • Item Weight: 125g
  • Case Count: 60 items
  • Country of origin: China



  • 50 Cards
  • Rules

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