Varnavas Timotheou

Founder and CEO

Varnavas Timotheou is an avid gamer himself and highly interested in politics. This interest led him to complete a BA and MA in International Politics with First Class Honours (Manchester Metropolitan University), followed by the completion of the International Political Economy with Merit (King’s College London). He has also completed an MBA degree from the University of Nicosia to be able to follow his dream to inspire people to learn more about politics.


Vangelis Bagiartakis

Game Designer

Vangelis Bagiartakis is a professional Game Designer with over 20 titles published. He has worked with multiple board game companies around the world with some of his best-known games being Among the Stars, Dice City, Fields of Green and Freedom. He has degrees in Physics (BSc, MSc) and has also worked for 7 years in the IT Industry. He brings his vast experience in Hegemony working on the design of the game, while also providing consultation on the game’s production.


Dr. Irina Burlacu

Academic Associate

Dr Irina Burlacu successfully completed her doctorate degree at Maastricht University and United Nations University/MERIT in the field of Public Policy, with a profile in public policy. She has more than 10 years of experience in research, training and teaching. Her expertise is in comparative social policy and policy analysis, as well as scientific entrepreneurship. Dr Irina is the creator of “Mobility Era”, a board game inspired from her PhD thesis and the founder of Researchista. Her role in the Hegemony Project is to advising on Hegemony storytelling and academically validating the game.


Dr Russell Foster

Academic Associate- Political Science

Dr Foster read History at the University of Cambridge, and took his doctorate in International Relations at Newcastle University. He has worked at Virginia Tech, the University of Amsterdam, and King’s College London. He is currently researching national and transnational identities in an age of returning nationalism. Dr Foster has been teaching in politics, geography, history, sociology, and international relations since 2010. He is interested in how art, fiction, and games can shape our understanding of the political world. Dr Foster is currently working on a book project about how depictions of the EU in British fiction shaped Euroscepticism before the Brexit vote. He is also working on a paper on how to teach Cold War geopolitics and the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction using the videogame “Defcon”. Dr Foster is advising on political concepts and the mechanisms of domestic politics.


Andreas Dounis

Academic Associate

Andreas Dounis has acquired a Master’s degree in Methodology and Applications in Social Policy from the Department of Social Policy at Panteion University and is a Ph.D. Candidate in the same university Department. He is the Founder and Content Manager of the scientific website socialpolicy.gr, a site with high impact on a broad and increasing audience. Andreas is the Academic Associate for Political Economy aiming to enhance its educational impact and learning outcomes in conjunction with its playability.


Alexander Gertz

Academic Content Manager

Alexander Gertz obtained his BA in International Relations at the University of Erfurt and is currently completing his Master´s degree in Global Political Economy and Development at the University of Kassel. He worked in France, Germany, Russia and the US and his passion for political theory, board games and the interconnectedness between politics and the economy led him to our team. He is responsible for the academic content of our social media channels and our blog, aiming to link the game´s mechanics to the underlying theory in a concise and non-normative way.

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